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CES has a beautiful and bountiful garden on campus. Established in 2014, under the guidance of Mrs. Bainbridge and many community partners, the garden provides an on site science laboratory for students of all ages to learn how plants grow and where food comes from.
From native plants to the Monarch Butterfly habitat, the garden is home to fruits and vegetables grown by CES students.  Students learn about what types of fruits and gardens exist and how plants grow. Our students are inspired to try new healthy foods because they are invested in the growing process while developing an appreciation for the wonders of nature. 
Our CES garden also fosters a sense of community as students worked collaboratively to grow and harvest crops.  Students love getting dirty, rolling up their sleeves, and digging in to help with the labors of gardening.  The smiles and joy on their faces as they contribute to our school garden builds memories that last a lifetime.