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Meet our Board Member

Traci Holt, a resident of the Lake Almanor Basin since 1999, is the Plumas County Unified School District Board Representative for the Chester area. Mrs. Holt has served two terms on the PUSD School Board and is currently the President of the Board.

Mrs. Holt, the CEO of a non-profit and local business owner, believes strongly in public education. She is committed to making decisions that reflect the best interest of every student across Plumas County.  Mrs. Holt wants to improve the educational experiences and achievement of students county wide. She also believes in the fiscal health of PUSD as better fiscal decisions lead to better student outcomes.

Mrs. Holt loves the students of  Plumas County because they are resilient, strong, caring, and adventurous. She loves walking the hallways of PUSD schools and watching student’s eyes light up as they learn, hearing their laughter, and being involved with school events.

In her free time, Mrs. Holt also enjoys spending time with her family. She loves camping and exploring the outdoors.  Mrs. Holt also finds time to volunteer at different events throughout her community.