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Meet Mrs. Bainbridge

Kellie Bainbridge, a native of Clear Creek, has been a teacher for fifteen years and taught in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.  A graduate of Humboldt State University, Mrs. Bainbridge became a teacher because she wanted to make the world a better place.

Mrs. Bainbridge loves teaching kindergarten because the students are excited about everything! She enjoys singing and reading to her class.  Mrs. Bainbridge’s favorites include Just Right and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.  Mrs. Bainbridge also loves that CES students are humble, caring, and sincere.  

In her free time, Mrs. Bainbridge loves hiking, biking, running and gardening. In 2010,  Mrs. Bainbridge founded the school garden at CES for the students and community.   

Mrs. Bainbridge has also had many unique travel experiences in her life including skiing with piranhas in Brazil; living in a cave in Spain; and riding a camel in the Gobi desert of Mongolia.  

Meet Mrs. Spooner

Jill Spooner, a thirty year veteran to the education field, became a teacher after working in a preschool and becoming hooked on the kids.  Mrs. Spooner was also inspired by a number of influential teachers in her own life and says, “there is no greater reward than teaching”.

A graduate of UC Santa Barbara and CSU Monterey, Mrs. Spooner has spent the majority of her career teaching kindergarten. She loves the tremendous amount of growth that her students make in the first few months of school and the look on their face when they learn something new. Her favorite book to read to her students is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Mrs. Spooner loves the CES community and on the weekends spends time with her family--hiking, playing pickle ball, or enjoying the lake. She also enjoys spicy food and would love to visit Croatia some day.  Mrs. Spooner loves the color green (Chester Green!) and lovable, cuddly, cute dogs.